Madhukar Pai, MD, PhD, FCAHS
@paimadhu – madhukar.pai@mcgill.ca

Prof. Madhukar Pai, MD, PhD, FCAHS is a Canada Research Chair in Epidemiology & Global Health at McGill University, Montreal. He is the Director of McGill Global Health Programs, and Associate Director of the McGill International TB Centre.

Madhu Pai did his medical training and community medicine residency in Vellore, India. He completed his PhD in epidemiology at UC Berkeley, and a postdoctoral fellowship at the UCSF.

Madhu serves as a Consultant to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He serves on the STAG-TB committee of WHO, Geneva; Scientific Advisory Committee of FIND, Geneva; and Access Advisory Committee of TB Alliance, New York. He has previously served on the Coordinating Board of the Stop TB Partnership. He is on the editorial boards of Lancet Infectious Diseases, PLoS Medicine, eLife, PLoS ONE, International Journal of TB and Lung Disease, among others.

Madhu’s research is mainly focused on improving the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis, especially in high-burden countries like India and South Africa. His research is supported by grant funding from the Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, and Canadian Institutes of Health Research. He has more than 300 publications. He is a recipient of the Union Scientific Prize, Chanchlani Global Health Research Award, and Haile T. Debas Prize. He is a member of the Royal Society of Canada, and an elected Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences.

Academic CV
Amrita Daftary, PhD, MPH

Amrita Daftary, PhD, MPH, is an Assistant Professor of Research in Epidemiology, and an Investigator at the McGill International TB Centre, McGill University. Amrita is a qualitative researcher and social scientist. She is well cited for her research into patient health-seeking behaviours, provider practices, stigma, as well as social and structural norms around health service delivery for TB and HIV, including drug-resistant TB and TB-HIV coinfection, in diverse global settings. She is trained as a pharmacist, and an Honorary Associate at the Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa (CAPRISA), University of KwaZulu Natal. She earned her PhD at the University of Toronto, and MPH and postdoctorate at Columbia University.

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Caroline Vadnais, P.Eng.

Caroline graduated from the École Polytechnique de Montréal as a mechanical engineer. She worked for a consumer magazine for 9 years, as a project manager and then as the test department coordinator, conducting product comparative evaluations. In 2010, she joined the team as a research manager, providing logistical and administrative support to the group’s research portfolio.

Research Staff

Danielle Cazabon, BASc, MScPH

Danielle Cazabon obtained her B.A.& Sc. at the McGill School of Environment, completing a semester of her studies in East Africa. After several years of working in the environmental health field, she returned to McGill University to complete an MScPH. During her studies, she conducted mixed-methods research internationally and was involved in TB research, which furthered her passion for global health and infectious disease. Danielle interned at Grand Challenges Canada in 2016 and currently works as a Project Manager on the TB Reach initiative at the McGill International TB Centre, leaving her with a keen interest in the successful implementation of global health interventions.

Tripti Pande, MScPH

Tripti Pande, currently a Project Manager for the TB Reach initiative at the McGill International TB Centre, obtained her BSc in Microbiology and Immunology at McGill University and completed her MScPH with a concentration in Global Health at Université Laval. Throughout her studies, she developed an interest in infectious diseases and global health which led her to pursue TB research. Tripti finished an internship at Grand Challenges Canada in the Every Woman Every Child Innovation Marketplace in August 2017. She has conducted many quantitative studies during her studies including helping develop a beta version of a TB application for her masters thesis project.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Toyin Togun, MD, MPH, PhD

Dr. Toyin Togun is a Steinberg Global Health Fellow who completed his PhD in Life and Bimolecular Sciences (emphasis: Clinical Immunology) at the Open University, United Kingdom and Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia (MRCG). A clinician scientist with interest in implementation science and translational epidemiology that is focused on the discovery and practical application of novel immunological tools to improve the diagnosis and management of tuberculosis (TB) in children in resource limited settings. His professional background is in clinical medicine and he also completed a Master of Science in Public Health in Developing Countries at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine as a Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholar.

Doctoral Scholars

Sophie Huddart, BSc, MSc
@skhuddart – sophie.huddart@mail.mcgill.ca

Sophie Huddart received a BSc in Immunology and Infectious Disease from Penn State University and a MSc in Biostatistics from the University of Glasgow as a Fulbright Scholar. She has conducted research in immuno-parisitology and statistical clustering methodology but has always been an epidemiologist at heart. In addition to being the team’s number cruncher, Sophie works on diagnostics and patient mortality in the Indian TB epidemic.

Emily MacLean, BSc, MSc

Emily completed her BSc in Biology at Simon Fraser University, and her Masters in Microbiology & Immunology at McGill, where her research focused on cutaneous leishmaniasis. Expanding upon her interest in infectious disease beyond the molecular level, she joined Dr Pai and his team at the McGill International TB Centre as an RA and is now pursuing her PhD in epidemiology. She’s currently working on a project concerning TB diagnostics and biomarkers.

Giorgia Sulis, MD, DTM&IH, ID specialist

Giorgia completed her medical school in Pavia (Italy) in 2011. After graduation, she worked at the University of Brescia (Italy) as a research fellow on HIV in migrant populations until 2013, when she obtained a TropEd Diploma in Tropical Medicine and International Health and started her fellowship in Infectious Diseases (ID) in Brescia. Besides clinical practice, she developed a strong scientific interest in tuberculosis with a particular focus on latent infection and TB/HIV. As a second-year ID fellow, she did an internship at the Global Tuberculosis Program of the World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva, working with the TB/HIV team. After becoming an ID specialist in September 2017, she enrolled in the PhD program of Epidemiology at McGill University and started working with Dr. Pai at the McGill International TB Center.

Anita Svadzian, MPH
@svadzianita – anita.svadzian@mail.mcgill.ca

Anita Svadzian was a research assistant at the McGill International TB Centre, and is now pursuing a PhD at McGill University. As an RA, she was working on various projects through McGill’s agreement with UNOPS – Stop TB Partnership – TB REACH. Though Anita holds an honours B.A. in Art History and History, she has always had a strong interest in medical fields having worked in clinical research for the Cedar’s Breast Centre at the MUHC for the majority of her undergraduate studies and thereafter. This formative experience inspired her to seek formal training and consequently, she completed her M.P.H. from Boston University with a focus on Epidemiology. She is extremely interested in the social determinants of health and as such her somewhat unorthodox background has helped her in understanding the interdisciplinary dynamics of health research.

Master’s Students

Vaidehi Nafade

Vaidehi recently completed her BSc. in pharmacology at McGill University, during which she worked in preclinical drug research and studied drug resistance. Raised in India and then Montréal, her coursework and clinical experiences in Canada and abroad led her to develop an interest in infectious disease and global health. She then joined the team as a MSc. student in epidemiology in 2017.

Madlen Nash
@madlennash – madlen.nash@mail.mcgill.ca

Madlen is pursuing an MSc in Epidemiology at McGill University. Stemming from her educational background in microbiology and immunology, her global health interests are infectious disease prevention and diagnosis in high-burden, low-resource settings. She currently works as a junior research assistant at the McGill International TB Centre where her most recent project focused on evaluating a new molecular HIV-1 viral load test in India. As a passionate advocate for health and social justice, she is also involved with Universities Allied for Essential Medicines working to improve the accessibility and affordability of medicines and diagnostics.


Postdoctoral Fellows

Andrew McDowell, PhD

Sandra Vivian Kik, PhD

Claudia M. Denkinger, MD, PhD

Doctoral Scholars

Hojoon Sohn, PhD

Srinath Satyanarayana, MD, PhD

Samuel Schumacher, PhD

Daphne Ling, PhD

Alice Anne Zwerling, PhD, MSc, BSc

Master’s Students

Marzieh Ghiasi, MSc

Zhi Zhen Qin, MSc

Anurag Bhargava, MD, MSc

Lancelot Pinto, MD, MSc

Ioana Nicolau, MSc

Caroline Chartrand, MD, MSc

Laurence Brunet, MSc

Jessica Lee Minion, MSc

Kelty-Anne Hillier, MSc


Group Pictures and Map

Below are pictures from the Pai TB Research Group, as well as a map showing the locations where members of the team have conducted projects or attended conferences.

TB REACH site visit in Bihar, India - July 2017
Stop TB caps - October, 2017
Global Health Diagnostics course attendees - June 2017
McGill TB Centre trainee day - June 2, 2017
NTP representatives, Advanced TB Diagnostics course - July 2015
Students - September 2008
McGill TB Centre trainee day - June 2, 2017
RESULTS Canada event - April 5, 2017
Advanced TB Diagnostics course attendees - July 2014
Tuberculosis Zero, Group picture - March 23, 2017
IC-IMPACTS Research Conference with Amrita - June 10, 2017
Advanced TB Diagnostics course attendees - July 2015
Advanced TB Diagnostics course attendees - June 2017
Group meeting at Thanjai restaurant - March 2017
IC-IMPACTS site visit with WHP - July 2017
McGill TB Centre trainee day - June 2, 2017
Team with Daniel Chin - June 2, 2017
Claudia, Caroline, Madhu and Sandra - February 2013
Group picture - Fall 2016
McGill TB Centre trainee day alumni winner - June, 2017
Best presentation prize for MSc thesis for Tripti Pande - October 6, 2017
Tackling TB Event, Panel - March 23, 2017
Induction of Prof. Pai as a CAHS Fellow - September 14, 2017
TB REACH Wave 5 group - May, 2017
Global Health Diagnostics course attendees - July 2015
RESULTS Canada event - April 5, 2017
NTP representatives, Advanced TB Diagnostics course - June 2017
Team meeting - April 18, 2017
Supporting Zero TB - April 18, 2017
TB REACH site visit in Kahama, Tanzania - August 2017
Travel award winners, Global Health Night - November 7, 2017
McGill TB Centre trainee day - June 2, 2017
RESULTS Canada event - April 5, 2017
TB REACH site visit in Kahama, Tanzania - August 2017
Group picture - October 2013
Plenary talk at the Union conference in Guadalajara, Mexico - October 14, 2017
Tackling TB event, Madhukar Pai and Marcel Behr - Spring 2017
Extended group - Fall 2016
McGill TB Centre trainee day - June 2, 2017
Group picture - April 2012
Team meeting - September 8, 2017
Advanced TB Diagnostics course attendees - June 2016
Group picture - May 2015
Induction of Prof. Pai as a CAHS Fellow - September 14, 2017
Group picture with Stephen Lewis - February 2017
Group picture at Haile Debas Prize ceremony - March 24, 2016
Tackling TB event, Panel and organizers - March 23, 2017
Group picture at the Union conference in Guadalajara, Mexico - October 11, 2017
Advanced TB Diagnostics course attendees - June 2017